About Us

So who is Jreine?

Hi! My name is Jill and I am the creator and mixologist behind Jreine. This indie journey began for me in 2012 although my love for everything nails started long ago when i started going to cosmetology school to be a nail technician.

We are located in Louisiana and I was born and raised in New Orleans. As you can imagine it courses through my blood so everything I do will have a New Orleans flair to it, well.......mostly everything.

Jreine officially started at the end of 2016 on Etsy and has continually been growing since! We have now decided to move on to our own website and leave Etsy so this is another new chapter to add.

Jreine participates in PPU (Polish Pickup) mostly every month, and several color and finish particular groups across Facebook. I create exclusive polishes for these groups that are only made available for a short period of time so if you are a collector definitely check out Polish Pickup and the Jreine Junkies group  :)

A few months ago I created a fan group page on Facebook and that has also continued to grow which allows me to keep creating one of a kind monthly polishes exclusive to my fans. If you aren't a member you should definitely head on over and join :) You may even see some familiar faces. Admins in our Junkies group are myself, Lelia Pierce, Kelly Tuttle, Jennifer Branham, Jennifer Collins, Christy Schrock and Stephanie Goetz who I am also proud to call my close friends! These ladies are phenomenal women, amazing friends and polish junkies just like the rest of us! Feel free to reach out to any of us if you have questions or concerns in the group.


I hope to see you in the fan group and thank you for your interest in Jreine